The civil engineering curriculum includes the following categories of electives (not including electives taken to fulfill the Common Course of Study or free electives taken to complete a total of 36 courses):

  • Civil Engineering Electives
  • Engineering Electives
  • Science Electives
  • Math Electives

The civil engineering program requires students to take two civil engineering electives; one engineering elective; one science elective from BIOL, GEOL, or NEUR; two additional math or science electives; and one additional math, science, or engineering elective.

Approved electives in each category are listed below.  Descriptions for each course are found in the college catalog.

Civil Engineering Electives:

Civil engineering electives include CE 201 and all 300- and 400- level CE courses not required for the major in civil engineering. (Note: CE 181, CE 202, and CE 203 can not be taken as CE electives but can be taken as free electives.)

Engineering Electives:

Engineering electives include any ES or CS course (excluding STSC courses); any 200-level or higher course in CE, ChE, ECE, or ME (excluding STSC courses); CM 261; and the following EGRS courses: EGRS 261, EGRS 271, and EGRS 352.

Math Electives

Math electives include Math 182 and any 200-level or higher course in mathematics

Science Electives:

Science electives include any course from BIOL, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, or NEUR (excluding STSC courses).  In addition, ES231 and ES232 are approved science electives.