Arthur D. Kney

Acting Department Head (spring 2021), Professor, P.E.
Director of the Center for Community Engagement
318 AEC

Mary Roth

Department Head (on sabbatical for spring 2021) - Simon Cameron Long Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, P.E.
324 AEC
(610) 330-5030

Nara Almeida

Visiting Assstant Professor
323 AEC

David Brandes

Professor, Program chair for Bachelor of Science in Engineering with concentrations in bioengineering, environment & energy, robotics
516 AEC

Stephen Kurtz

Associate Professor, P.E.
118 AEC

David Mante

Assistant Professor
322 AEC

Michael P. McGuire

Associate Professor, P.E.
321 AEC
(610) 330-5413

Roger Ruggles

Associate Professor, P.E.
316 AEC
(610) 330-5442

Kristen L. Sanford

Associate Professor, Chair of Engineering Studies, P.E.
310 AEC
(610) 330-5584

Leena Shevade

Visiting Professor
522 AEC