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Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Math 161 or 165: (Calculus I or I+) Math 162: (Calculus II)
Chem 121: General Chemistry I Science Elective (ES231/Chem122 /other)
ES101: (Introduction to Engineering) Physics 131or 151: (Mech or Mech+)
First-Year Seminar English 110: College Writing
Math 263: (Calculus III) Math 264:(Differential Equations)
ES 226: (Statics) VaST 203 Course**
CE 321: (Introduction to Environmental Engineering) ES 230: (Strength of Materials)
CE 271: (Land Development-Surveying) CE Approved Math:  CM261,
Math 272, 335, 301, 306, 336
Humanities-Social Science Elective CE 341: (Transportation Systems)
CE 251: Fluid Mechanics CE 201: Civil Engineering Computing
CE 311: Fundamentals of Structural Engineering CE 351: Water Resources Engineering
CE 331: Project Management CE Elective
CE 361: Geotechnical Engineering Math/Science  Elective*
Humanities-Social Science Elective Humanities-Social Science Elective
CE 472: Capstone Design I CE 473: Capstone Design II
CE Elective CE Elective
Technical Elective*** Technical Elective***
Humanities-Social Science Elective Humanities-Social Science Elective
Free Elective Free Elective
* Math/science elective – At least one math/science elective must be a science from a department other than physics or chemistry.
 ** VaST 203 OR a sustainability related VaST course OR a VaST course and another approved course with sustainability outcomes.

*** Two technical electives (upper-level mathematics, science, or engineering courses including CE electives) requiring a course number of 200+ or one or more prerequisites; courses crosslisted with a social science and/or humanities will not count as a technical elective.