In your third year of Gateway, you’ll continue to build and refine your network of contacts, expand your career-related skills, and begin to focus on the employers or graduate and professional schools well matched to your future plans.

Here’s What You’ll Do
  • Meet with your Gateway counselor to refine plans for career and graduate study.
  • Access the Career Vault to identify internships related to your interests.
  • Participate in an externship or internship – many o0f which are sponsored by alumni.
  • Conduct informational interviews with Lafayette alumni to gain valuable insights about career paths.
  • Investigate the specific graduate and professional schools that offer the program you are considering.
  • Research specific employers with whom you would like to begin your career.

If you’ve participated in Gateway right from the start, your counselor will have a keen understanding of your career goals, interests, and skills, and will be in a much better position to help you take advantage of the best opportunities.