Mission Statement:

The Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (S.E.E.S.) is an organization with three main goals:

1. To provide a learning experience for interested students in the
related fields of environmental science and engineering.
2. To conduct research to help solve current environmental science and
engineering problems.
3. To seek and promote environmental sustainability.

SEES is dedicated to furthering the fields of environmental engineering and environmental science while fostering the desire to learn and research with our undergraduate students.

SEES Board Members/Project Leaders

President: Hannah Griesbach (griesbah@lafayette.edu)
Vice President: Stacey Dorn (dorns@lafayette.edu)
Treasurer: Maryann Kokus (kokusm@lafayette.edu)
Organic Garden: Jenn Bell
Composting: Stacey Dorn
Compost Nitrogen: Stacey Dorn, Hannah Greisbach
IX Surfactants: Maryann Kokus
Pervious Pavement: Austin Weidner
Wetland Biofilms: Brian Peacock

Sustainable Engineering with Bangor Middle School

Members of Lafayette’s Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists taught concepts of sustainable engineering to students from Bangor Middle School with a hands-on session of building water filters from simple items. Students also traveled to Easton Area High School to talk about what studying engineering in like at college.