The Russell C. Brinker Prize in Civil Engineering is awarded to that junior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department who, in the opinion of that department’s faculty, is deemed most deserving on the basis of self-reliance, scholarship, and student activities.

Background on Russell C. Brinker:  BSCE Lafayette College 1929 (Barge Math prize 1927, Citation of Merit 1966). and Scholarship in his honor in 2000’s.  M.S.C.E. 1933, C.E. 1939 Univ. of Minnesota (plus additional credits).

Russell Brinker came to New Mexico State in 1960 from UTEP. He replaced Frank Bromilow as Head of Civil Engineering when Mr. Bromilow became Dean of the College of Engineering in 1961. Prof. Brinker remained Head of Civil Engineering until 1966. His major duties at NMSU were surveying when he became known as “Mr. Surveyor”. He was editor of the 5th and 6th edition of “Elementary Surveying”, and served as Editor-in-Chief of the “Civil Engineers Series” by Intext Publishers through 1975. Prof. Brinker was a registered professional engineer and hard surveyor in many states, and retired from the U.S. Navy Reserve as Admiral. (click here – more information on Russell C. Brinker)

The award recipients for the Russell C. Brinker Prize are:

2015 – Andrea Jacobs ’16 and Alexandria Willey ’16

2014 – Emily Crossette ’14

2013 – Stephen Berkin ’14 and Eric Himmelwright ’14

2012 – Phillip Bellis ’13 and Megan Young ’13

2011 – Austin Weidner ’12

2010 – Brian Carey ’11

2009 – Michael Adelman ’10

2008 – Martin Tjioe ’09