The Moles Scholarship Award

The Moles is an organization of persons working in the heavy construction industry. This scholarship (amount to be determined by The Moles) is awarded to a deserving and academically qualified senior studying Civil Engineering with an interest pursuing the construction industry.

The award recipients for the Moles Scholarship are:

Hailey Votta ’15, Sarah Walko ’15, Eric Himmelwright ’14, Gerald (Jerry) Zaremba ’13, Matthew Scheps ’12, Anthony Giralo ’11 and Christine Wittich ’10


Moles Student Award

A prize of $1,000 and an award certificate will be presented to a qualifying student (junior or senior) in each of the 20 schools currently on The Moles’ list who indicate to us that they wish to participate. The award is given to a student in engineering whose academic achievement and enthusiastic application shows outstanding promise of personal development leading to a career in construction engineering and management.

The award recipients for the Moles Student Award are:

Emily Wool ’15, Rebecca Citrin ’14, Gerald (Jerry) Zaremba ’13, Matthew Scheps ’12, Jonathan Marcek ’11, Stephanie Mason ’10, Christine Wittich ’09, and Karla Barbich ’08