Aaron O. Hoff Award  

“On May 9, 1832, at nine o’clock in the morning, an African American student, Aaron O. Hoff ’36, had blown the horn that called 43 students and three teachers to their first class at Lafayette” (Gendebien, 1986).

Since 1991, the Office of Student Life Programs has been honoring Aaron’s legacy with an annual service and leadership recognition ceremony. Each spring, students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members receive Hoff Awards for leadership, volunteerism, teaching, and service to the Lafayette community.

The Aaron O. Hoff Award is Service Above Self Award, presented to those “who best exemplify the qualities of caring and concern for others in service activities.”

Educator Awards

  • Administrator of the Year. Awarded to administrators who have acted with professionalism and integrity and succeeded in producing meaningful change (nominated by students, selected by committee).
    • Advisor of the Year. Presented to an organization advisor who has eagerly promoted and participated in his or her organization’s events and projects, and is considered both loyal and outstanding by his or her organization (nominated by organization officers and members, committee selected).
      2008 – Arthur D. Kney, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering (LEAP Organization)
    • Staff Members of the Year. Awarded to staff members who have served the Lafayette community beyond their description, and have been courteous and involved in campus life (nominated by students, committee selected).
      2011 – Lisa Pezzino, Secretary, Civil and Environmental Engineering
      2000 – Serena Ashmore, Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Lafayette’s Highest Honors

  • The Administrators’ Award. Presented to a student who has demonstrated sincere concern for the college community and has unselfishly taken constructive measures to assist the administration in bettering Lafayette (chosen from administrative nominations).
  • Leopard Leader Award. Given to one or more students who have held a variety of leadership positions and have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities (all campus nominations accepted, committee selected).
    2007 – Trevor Ortolano, Civil and Environmental Engineer
  • The People’s Choice Awards. Given to students or employees known as unusually productive and concerned for the betterment of the college and its student body (all campus nominations accepted).
  • Student Government Superior Teaching Awards. Given to outstanding faculty members (criteria and selection by Student Government, nominations from student body).
    2010 – Stephen Kurtz, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • The Unsung Hero Award. Presented to students and/or staff members who have worked without concern for personal reward, have been loyal and dedicated, and have not been recognized for their efforts (all campus nominations accepted).
  • 2014 – Rebecca Citrin, Civil and Environmental Engineer

Organization Awards

  • Academic Group of the Year. Awarded to an organization related to the academic program that has offered significant intellectual and/or career opportunities to its members as well as a variety of speakers or programs to the Lafayette community.
    2015 – Society of Environmental Engineers & Scientists (SEES)
    2010 – Society of Environmental Engineers & Scientists (SEES)
    2007 – Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
    2005 – Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
    2000 – American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Athletic/Recreational Club of the Year.Presented to an athletic or recreational club that has been well organized, has offered its membership and the college excellent opportunities for participation and/or competition with good sportsmanship, and has improved its membership or campus recognition.
  • Outstanding Cultural or Religious Group. Given to the group whose performances or programs have made an exceptional contribution to the cultural environment at Lafayette in terms of opportunities for increased cultural appreciation, awareness, tolerance, or personal/spiritual growth.
  • Outstanding Service Organization. Awarded to the service or communications organization whose projects and/or volunteer work has fulfilled the organization’s goals and objectives through the hard work of its entire membership. This organization should promote desirable values and/or provide exceptional service to the Lafayette.
    2010 – Engineers Without Borders

Service Awards

  • Class of 1997 Community Service Award. Given to seniors who embody the ideals of philanthropy, volunteer work or community service (nominated and selected by the Outreach Center and Chaplain’s Office staff).
    2010 – Emily Bernzott ’10 Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Community Appreciation Award. Presented to an individual, organization or business within the Easton community who/which has actively supported and enhanced student life (nominated by students, committee selected).
  • Service Above Self Award. Presented in recognition of the individual or individuals who best exemplify the qualities of caring and concern for others in service activities (all campus nominations accepted).
    2001 – Sandy Doyle ’01 – Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Volunteer of the Year. Given to one or more students who have selflessly made exceptional contributions to society through their volunteer work (nominated and selected by the Landis Community Outreach Center and Chaplain’s Office staff).

For more information on past winners of the Aaron O’Hoff Awards, please visit our Student Life Programs Site – (click here)