Lafayette College will host the 24th Annual Lafayette-Lehigh ASCE Student Chapter’s Civil Engineering Career Fair on November 11th, 2019., from 5pm to 8pm in Farinon Center

The 2019 Lafayette-Lehigh ASCE Civil Engineering Career Fair

Since 1996, The Lafayette-Lehigh ASCE Student Chapter’s Civil Engineering Career Fair has been hosted each fall.  The location of the annual fair alternates between Lafayette and Lehigh campuses.

Lehigh University hosted the 23rd annual fair on November 5th, 2018 on Lehigh campus.  Lafayette will host the 24th annual fair on November 11th, 2019, from 5pm to 8pm in the Farinon Center (Google address: 111 Quad Road, Easton, PA 18042).

All Lafayette and Lehigh Civil Engineering students from first year to graduate levels are strongly encouraged to attend the career fair.

Prior to the fair, students are provided with background on each company, particularly the areas in which the company is seeking employees.  After the fair, companies are provided with a resume book of all students who attended the fair.

If you have any questions regarding the Career Fair please contact Stephen Kurtz at,

Employer Registration:  Employer registration is closed, as we have reached our capacity.

Employers Attending the 2019 ASCE Lafayette-Lehigh Career Fair:
Students are encouraged to study all of the employers, in advance, in order to make most efficient use of their time and the employer’s time.

Company Name Website Areas Seeking Job Postings
Alfred Benesch & Company Transp.
Arup Const.Manag.,Enviro.,Gen.Civil, Water Res.,Struct.,Transp.,
Bohler Engineering LandDev.,Geo., Job, Job
Bowman Consulting Enviro.,Gen.Civil,LandDev.,Transp.,
Case Foundation Company Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Struct.,Geo.,
Corman Kokosing Construction Company Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,
CVM Engineers Gen.Civil,Struct.,
DeSimone Consulting Engineers Gen.Civil,Struct.,
EARTHRES Gen.Civil,Geo., Job, Job
French & Parrello Associates Gen.Civil,
Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP Engineers and Architects Gen.Civil,Struct.,
GZA GeoEnvironmental  Inc. Enviro.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,Geo.,
Hardesty & Hanover Gen.Civil,Water Res.,Struct.,Transp.,
Irwin & Leighton  Inc. Const.Manag.,
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son  Inc. Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,Struct.,Transp.,
Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson, Inc (JMT) Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Struct., Transp.,
Keast & Hood Struct.,
LaBella Associates Enviro.,Gen.Civil,LandDev.,Struct., Transp.,
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services Enviro.,Gen.Civil,LandDev.,Geo., Transp.,
Larson Design Group Enviro.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Transp.,
LVTA – Lehigh Valley Technical Associates Struct.,
MacIntosh Engineering Struct.,
Maser Consulting Enviro.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Geo.,Transp.,
McLaren Engineering Group Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Geo.,Struct.,Transp.
McMahon Associates  Inc. Gen.Civil,Transp.,
Moriarty Construction Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,
Pennoni Enviro.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Transp., Jobs
PJ Dick – Trumbull – Lindy Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,LandDev., Struct.,
Ramboll US Corporation Enviro.,Gen.Civil,
RK&K Const.Manag.,Enviro.,Gen.Civil, Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Transp.,
Schnabel Engineering Gen.Civil,Geo.,
Severud Associates Struct.,
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Gen.Civil,Struct.,
SK&A Structural Engineers Struct.,
Solli Engineering LLC Gen.Civil,LandDev,Transp., Job, Job
Suburban Consulting Engineers  Inc. Const.Manag.,Enviro.,Gen.Civil,Water Res.,LandDev.,
T&M Associates Const.Manag.,Enviro.,Gen.Civil, Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Transp.,
The Harman Group Gen.Civil,Struct.,
The High Companies Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Struct.,
The Wilson T. Ballard Company Gen.Civil,Water Res.,Struct.,Transp.,
Timothy Haahs & Associates  Inc. Const.Manag.,Struct.,
Titan Engineers Struct.,
Traffic Planning and Design  Inc. Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Struct.,Transp.,
Tutor Perini Civil Group Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,Struct.,Transp.,
Urban Engineers  Inc. Const.Manag.,Gen.Civil,LandDev., Struct.,Transp.,
Van Cleef Engineering Associates  LLC Gen.Civil,Water Res.,LandDev.,Struct.,Transp.,
VRH Construction Gen.Civil,
Walden Environmental Engineering Enviro.,Gen.Civil,
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assoc. Inc. Gen.Civil,Struct.,
WSP Const.Manag.,Enviro.,Gen.Civil, Water Res.,Struct.,Transp.,


Const.Manag. – Construction Management
Enviro. – Environmental
Gen.Civil – General Civil Engineering
Water Res – Water Resources
LandDev – Land Development
Struct. – Structural Engineering
Transp.- Transportation
Geo. – Geotechnical Engineering

Contact Information

Stephen J. Kurtz, Ph.D., P.E.

118 AEC
Easton, PA 18042